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Bittle enables you to create online dashboards and reports quickly and simply, so you can effectively manage your organisation’s business activity.

Whether that activity is in Marketing, Sales, HR, Finance, Purchases or IT, Bittle will allow you to keep track of your metrics and no technical IT skills are required…

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Choose your Cloud!

With Bittle you can choose your Cloud (public or private) provider, bearing in mind we already work with the kind of Amazon, Google, Microsoft, OVH... You wish to share with us the expertise of your Cloud provider? We'd be happy to give them access to our platform!

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They have said about us

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Dashboards everywhere
Reach your dashboards, wherever, whenever, on any type of mobile device, while continuing to share easily your data.

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San Francisco

Bittle Bureau San francisco

567 Sutter St. 3rf Floor
Sans Francisco
94102 CA



Bittle, solution de reporting cloud - Bureau Montreal

1455, rue Drummond
QC H3G 1W3



Bittle, solution de reporting cloud - Bureau Aix-en-Provence

235 Rue Denis Papin
Domaine du Tourillon - Bât C
13857 Aix-en-Provence
04 42 12 54 57

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