Bittle exhibiting at Salon Solutions BI & Big Data, October 6, 7 & 8 2015

Bittle exhibiting at
Salon Solutions BI
& Big Data

Visit us at our stand E59, we are happy to welcome you and to present our solution.

Salon Solutions BI & Big Data

  • October, 6, 7 & 8 2015
  • 200 exhibitors
  • 60 roundtables & conferences
  • 35 workshops


Wednesday, October 7

10:00 to 11:00

Sessions: “Real-time Visualization of data: what tools for what results?

This is obvious in the matter: visualize, it is already understood !
The graphic expression (and below, treatment) results is extremely important: it can be said, hypnotize, convince or, conversely, to doubt, weaken, manipulate the recipients of the results. Hence the issues of “DataViz,” it will be here to explain and illustrate with concrete cases.

  • Christophe Suffys – CEO Bittle

  • Lionel Billon – Practice Manager Data Insight – Microsoft customer service

  • Intervention of a manager of the company SAP


Thursday, October 8

14:00 to 15:00

Workshop: Discover the challenges of becoming a data-driven organization.


Paris Expo – Porte de Versailles – Pavillon 5.2/5.3
1 Place de la Porte de Versailles – 75015 Paris

  • October 6 : 14:00 to 18:30
  • October 7 : 9:30 to 18:30
  • October 8 : 9:30 to 17:30

For more information, visit

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Bittle takes part to the Aix French Tech Weeks launch party !

Grand opening French Tech Weeks

Bittle takes part to the “Great Opening”, in Aix-en-Provence, Tuesday the 24th of September 2015 for the launch of the 2105 edition of the French Tech Weeks : three weeks of events dedicated to the digital economy and the local start-up ecosystem!
Medinsoft, the association that coordinates Aix-Marseille French Tech, organizes this opening night. As a proud member of the French Tech ecosystem, Bittle has a booth in the space dedicated to the most innovative startups! Indeed, Bittle never stopped innovating since its creation, from being one of the first pure player of the Cloud or even by working to make big data analysis simple and intuitive for all.
All the actors of the French Tech will be gathered for this night both festive and instructional. Festive by the many musical and cultural animations. Instructionnal because this night will aenable you to discover startups, incubators and all the other of the French Tech… all in all, you will discover an ecosystem both vibrant and resilient.

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Bittle takes part to the FAFIEC’s meeting on professional training !

Structured around experts interventions and pannel discussions, this meeting will tackle the following points:
– What changes will be required by organization obligations to meet the new lifelong training requirements?
– How can the CPF be optimized? With what training plan?
– What are the return on investments brought by regional projects developed in the sector IT, engineering or consulting ?
Bittle will take part specifically to the pannel from 10h35 to 11h45 on the subject; “The actual consequences of the reform in companies and the condition of its success:: exchange on the best practices.”
September 17, 2015
9h – 12h
Renaissance Aix-en-Provence Hôtel​
320 avenue Mozart
13100 Aix-en-Provence

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Bittle will be at the Cloud Week in Paris !

More than 40 conferences will be organized during this year edition of the Cloud Week. Christophe Suffy’s, Bittle CEO, will animate the conference “Spreading your Cloud offers for Small and medium-sized businesses”, along with “Transition Numérique”.
– Presentation of Transition Numerqiue national program that enables Cloud actors to increase the use of Cloud technologies by small and medium sized businesses.
– Detailed presentation of the public actors in charge of the digital transition in regions.
– The expected practices to get the support of the Chamber of Commerce, and Chambers of Trades… to get access the economic fabric.

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Plugin Talend

Our team of developers designed a plugin for the open Source software Talend Studio. Think of Talend Studio as a universal translator. This guy is to communicate and transfer data to any type of data containers. Talend acts like a bridge for any receptacles of data, whether those are databases, web service or data warehouses. Now, you are probably wondering why the heck I am telling you all this. To some of you, this must sound like gibberish.

Plugin Talend
With our plugin Talend for Bittle, your transfer capacity will be increased tenfold !

But, it is kind of important. So bear with me on this one. It simply means that you, the user, is going to have a lot more choice than before. Our Talend plugin makes data migration easy. Thanks to our plugin, if you use Talend, you will be able to absorb more than a hundred sources of data and import it into Bittle. The plugin receives your data and will then communicate with our software through our API. That’s all ! You have imported your data !

We already offer a lot of connectors. But with this Talend plugin, we are able to connect and import data from a lot more sources, almost any source of data you could ever think of. You want to import data from Sage into Bittle ? Done. You want to import data from SAP ? Done.

If you do not have Talend or do not know how to use it, this is not an issue! Our team will support you along the functional and technical management of your project. Simply explain your project, your goal and the type of data you want to import into Bittle and we will make it come true.

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The Web Services connector : one connector to rule them all

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have super powers? What if you had the ability to analyze any data? What if you could plug a connector to any website and simply absorb data? It is now possible. And our team of super heroes decided to share their powers with you. With our Web Services connector, you too can become a data hero.

With our Web Services connector, you can build your own connector, very simply, from scratch. Our BI solution  empowers you to analyze whatever source of data, even if we do not already have a dedicated connector.

The Web Services connector is truly the connector to rule them all.

Connector Web Services
With our Web Services connector, transfer data has never been easier !

Our Web Services connector supports standard authentication protocols like OAUTH and OAUTH2 allowing you to plug yourself to any APIs and extract the data you want to analyze.

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New release Bittle V4.6.0 | User experience: a clearer control panel

Since we released the very first version of Bittle, we wanted to make team work easier. In this new release of Bittle, we continued to improve it.

  • In order to provide a clearer control panel, we suppressed the “Configuration” tab and divided it in two separate tabs “My Account” and “My Company”. Users of the same company can now easily share and edit their metrics or even entire dashboards. Companies can define a special user, called an administrator. The administrator will have the ability to regulate what other users can do. An administrator can, for example, reduce or increase the numbers of lines that can be uploaded in Bittle by one user.
Control Panel
To facilitate collaborative work, we changed the administration console by splitting the user and the company.
  • You can now create a “date” from an indicator or a metric : In order to give you more flexibility, you can now create a field “date” whenever and however you want to, on Bittle.
    On our previous release of our software, users needed to specify a date column following strict convention. Thanks to the progress we made in text analysis, Bittle can now recognize date column with a much greater flexibility. In order to provide even more control to users, we are also giving the choice to specify if data is going to be a metric, a filter or a date column.
Column “date”
You can now create a column “date” from a filter or a metric.

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Turn your Big Data into real and valuable insights with Bittle

They talk about us !



Businesses are bombarded with information. Yet, many traditional BI solutions do not match businesses new needs and the one that do are either too complex or too expensive.

How can you avoid data saturation?

Google processes 2 million search queries per minute. Walmart treats 1 million customer transactions every hour. Information is now everywhere: as cliched as this might sounds, many businesses do not fully grasp the importance of this ongoing revolution.

Read more…

Also on : Yahoo, Benzinga, CNBC, Bloomberg, and more..

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Newsletter Bittle December 2014

Best wishes for the festive season!


With Christmas right around the corner, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you the best during this joyful season, and a Happy New Year.

Innovation PACA: Bittle, the little bug that makes the reporting smarter

For us, 2014 ends in beauty, Bittle is recognized and acclaimed by both CCIR PACA and CCI Marseille Provence as one of the best behaving companies for this year of Innovation.

Check out the interview made by the CCIR PACA (in french):

The Bittle solution: mind your back, the latest release just came out!

Bittle announced the availability of the V4 of its now famous BI solution early 2014, propounding a visible improvement of its offering through a redesigned ergonomics of the tool and simplified administration.
As part of the continuous improvement of its offer for the benefit of its clients / users Bittle chooses this festive year end to enhance its solution with new features for even more user-friendliness.
In its hood, Santa Bittle has numerous presents, such as:

  • Create a new connector interface, crystal clear as it guides users step by step.
  • A new connector for Web services, which is universal and allowing the use of API of third-party tools to integrate their data into Bittle.
  • The ability to display the values of a metric on the graph without having to fly over it with the mouse (option in the settings)

Finally, users can choose a different title when using the “compare” function in the setting of a metric.


Experbuy to optimize their quality of services thanks to Bittle


Bittle, a SaaS BI solution supplier, successfully meets the needs of the ExperBuy group providing a platform to optimize their quality of services.
ExperBuy, a reference provider in the outsourcing procurement market, provides a range of tailored, flexible and innovative services in order to create value for their customers by optimizing the management of their procurement strategy.

Wanting to offer yet more services and transparency to their customers, ExperBuy wished to have a tool allowing them to have a consolidated view of the action taken on their behalf. Customers can then easily follow ExperBuy procurement policies in place (type of procurement, supplier base, quality of service, managed volumes,) and assess its relevance.

It is in this context that the Bittle solution was selected in 2013 for its performance, ergonomics and ease of use. A configuration and training phase has then started a connection to the Sacha Net ERP set and the project deployed in no time.


To date, dashboards published are consulted by dozens of end users. Beyond this first use case, the Bittle solution is also used internally to introduce monitoring metrics to different business teams.

The ExperBuy teams particularly enjoy :

  • The quality of rendered presentations
  • The simplicity of access to relevant analysis
  • The wealth and sharpness of the information published

As for end users, they have access to a new generation tool which gives a state-of-the-art snapshot of the services provided by ExperBuy.

Hervé BOILEAU, ExperBuy Operations Director : “We appreciate the ease of use of the Bittle solution and competitive financial approach. The implementation of one such device is a real innovation in the procurement outsourcing management market. This allows us to enhance our quality of services and meet the expectations of our customers.”


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