Variety of data & speed of analysis : 2 key components to Big Data approach

The big data market is a strategic stake for businesses. Indeed, after having been introduced as a concept a few years ago, Big Data is now well anchored in reality. But what is Big Data and how tackle this axis of expertise? This sounds to be a legitimate question with regards to all the different given definitions and other marketing lines from ISV and integrators who see in this client need a growth stream whatever it takes. Therefore this market hasn’t shown its true face yet.

Still well informed initiatives do exist. Let’s look at a few figures to start with to have determine this promising market. According to a study from Markets and Markets (2013), the Big Data market should annually grow from 26% and reach 46 billion $ in 2018. The interest towards Big Data also differs in relation with the geographical zones. Thus, Matteo Pacca – McKinsey said : “30% of clients demands to McKinsey teams about Big Data emerge from the US, 12% from the UK as well as Germany but France only accounts for 7%”. (Le Monde Informatique, April 2013).

These few figures highlight the appeal for the decision-making and Big Data markets that are with Cloud Computing the future of IT projects. The institutions understood that perfectly. Therefore, the Commission chaired by Anne Lauvergeon handed the Elysée a report aimed at positioning France at the forefront of innovation. Big Data being one of seven priorities mentioned.

To approach a Big Data project means in the first place to ask the right questions and determine the framework. The objective of this paper is not to come back on tracks time and again explored but to stress on 2 focal points : the variety of data consideration and real time analysis.

In this context, Big Data is no longer reserved for major accounts dealing with large volume of data. A SMB should equally capitalize on their data flows and use them to increase/enhance both their competitiveness and performances. Unlike major accounts, SMBs don’t work in a “silo” mode, contents are fragmented and as a result it’s necessary to take up a Big Data approach to make best use of their data.

It’s also important to mention the speed of analysis and consequently the real time way. The latest being a major feature of Big Data. Businesses will then be able to drive at the nearest their activity and make the right decisions based on continuously updated data. We’re talking here of a definite added value.

Volume is one of Big Data components but processing speed and the variety of data are as well as important or even major to any Big Data project launch. The ISVs challenge is to work well with these components. Those among us who would communicate on a Big Data offer because they’ve built up a connector with the likes of Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift or SAP Hana, probably did not get the gist of what Big Data is.

The one and only challenge is to easily process either structured or fragmented data flows in real time in a self-service mode. Because Big Data as the rest of Business Intelligence does not only come under the wing of the IT dept. but also the operating ones.

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Newsletter Bittle September 2013

Featured in this issue :

  • News features

Even during the summer, the Bittle team has carried on working on new features to answer their users needs. This month, this is what’s new on your Bittle account: the geomaps, development of the GA connector, publication customization…

  • New partner: Territoire & Environnement

Bittle and Territoire & Environnement combine their expertise to offer an integrated solution in order to put in place a CSR approach and to measure the results by analyzing the relevant metrics.
  • Supergel chooses Bittle

Bittle, a new generation BI ISV, help with managing Supergel operational & strategical activities in delivering interactive dashboards.
  • Dashboard of the month : Literacy teaching

On September the 8th will be held the International Literacy Teaching day, therefore Bittle has created a dashboard on global education, based on public data.
This dashboard example shows up the new chart: Geomap available on your Bittle account.
Tableau de bord alphabétisation mondiale

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Newsletter Bittle July August 2013

Featured in the newsletter this month :

  • News

Bittle is constantly evolving to meet the demands of its customers and partners. Among the latest : New languages, Comparison of indicators, multi cloud, Eurecia connector, Excel export, radar, more detailed analysis, mobile version…

  • New video: Bittle round in 80 seconds

Bittle presents his new video, highlighting the advantages and benefits of the solution.
  • Monoprix chooses Bittle

Bittle accompanies Monoprix in optimizing and managing its operations quality and food safety.
  • Dashboard of the month [french] : Eurecia

This month Bittle shows an example dashboard made from the new Eurecia connector solution HRM online.
Tableau de bord solution de GRH en ligne

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Bittle: its new presentation

Around Bittle in 80 seconds!





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BITTLE to assist MONOPRIX in optimizing and managing their “food quality and safety” operations.

Leader of the department store business in France cities centers, Monoprix is located in more than 200 cities in France. The group runs more than 450 stores and accounts 20 000 employees. Its turnover in 2012 reached 4,2 billion €.
In 2012, the Monoprix Group wished to use a BI solution to set up various KPIs allowing the Head Office to reach the essential information.
More exactly, it was a question of spreading, first of all, an “audit – food safety” dashboard. It was thus particularly important to choose the right partner. Bittle was then selected following a series of tests.

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Newsletter Bittle April 2013

Featured in the newsletter this month :

  • New features

As you probably noticed in you Bittle account, these last weeks have been rich in new features.

  • Bittle at the IT Meeting

IP, Mobility, Cloud, Big Data: a new genetic for our jobs“. Story by Christophe Suffys, Bittle CEO, after his participation to the IT Meeting, 21st of March 2013 in Cannes, France.
  • Bittle settles in Canada

The company specialized in BI software solutions and enterprise metrics carries on its international growth. Following the opening of a first office in SF in May 2011, the Provence based organization has opened a second international office in Montreal in February 2013. Bittle is now looking for new openings both in Australia & Brazil.
  • Dashboard of the month [French] : Energy

This month Bittle show up an example of dashboard built up from several public data sources bound to energy production in France between 2005 & 2009.

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IP, Mobilité, Cloud, Big Data, IT: a new genetic for our jobs

How wonderful it is to be here in Cannes under a blinding sun in order to participate to the opening plenary session of IT Meetings at le Palais des Festivals. With LD (CEO), PF (CEO & Founder) & DV (Deputy MD Finance, Public Purchasing, IT & Telecoms).

The theme of this plenary session was:
“IP, mobility, Cloud, Big Data, IT: a new genetic for our jobs”

IP, Mobilité, Cloud, Big Data, IT : a new genetic for our jobsSubjects of high interest but quite difficult to deal with efficiently in 45′ with 3 other speakers. Eric Montagne, whom I’d like to thank again for inviting me to this event, is kind enough to let me open fire, at the time I really thought it was a good idea…I start with refocusing the debate on what I consider to be the underlying revolution of all these new technologies: the users are taking the lead and the IT Dept. hasn’t got it yet, or is even dead against it, is destined for dying out.

The IT user takes their destiny in hand in order to become a driving force (favourite managers’ sentence whatever their level of responsibilities) and find the flexibility required in their everyday working lives. The 3 or 4 latest weighty trends (Cloud / Mobility / BYOD / Big Data) on the IT market are part of this approach. You still do not see the link? same for most of the 50 people attending this event…Let me give you further details on my point of view.

The maturity of the numerical networks & Internet great power of attraction with technologies offering easy-to-use applications software, and easy-to-deploy ones (SaaS/PaaS/IaaS = Cloud) allowing you to outsource both the infrastructure and IT services and access them as on-demand services.
Nowadays you have access to bespoke offerings which fit to the just-need and just-in-time, with more functionalities, quickly available and moreover in our world of on demand services the ability to transform any business model of any trade.

The IT user is a happy bunny. He feels at home seating on the sofa, remote control in one hand switching from one program to another according his desires & needs without wondering if he is compatible with his high-tech TV or he’ll be able to carry on watching it on his Samrtphone or PC…in other words Mobility.

Which reminds me of a meeting I had in 2009 with one of the big guns of the French N°1 telecom operator. I told him that to me the Cloud endpoint would be for the user to be able to pick applications & infrastructure elements he needs on an online portal, based on your TV package model and invoiced on consumption. The forward-thinking man replied : “pure Sci-Fi…”

Back in Cannes, can we, IT players, imagine solutions answering the boom of our mobility urge, the thrust of home office, the convergence of IT & telecoms. Which one of my PC, tablet or Smartphone is my workstation? Being able to access your data 24/7 provided any worker with the ability to react and accelerate like never before in your work environment.

All the more since all your mobile devices offer state-of-the-art embedded technology (GPS, cameras, sync. of both calendars & directories, voice assisted-navigation, 3D augmented reality,…) which offer a very large number of actions both on premises and remotely.
At last but not the least, the major element to me is the societal evolution : on the one hand, the “Y” generation craves for services and no longer for IT or telecoms, on the second hand co-workers communicate via affinities & competencies social networks, whilst everyone try to reconcile their private & professional lives while taking in stride that the frontier between pro & private is becoming fuzzier. Which partly explains the BYOD phenomenon.

We’re dealing with more & more data, needless to say a humongous number of untapped ones. Hence the BIG DATA which is an approach and set tools that give meaning to raw data structured or not in order to, for example, anticipate one customer going to a competitor, the evolution of products & services consumption mode, or to understand more in-depth the impact of a multi-channels advertising campaign on the overall sales of a designated product.

All theses evolutions have a direct impact on the day to day of the IT Dept. whose/which role moves from CIO to Conductor of the numerical strategy of all trades within the organisation and their ecosystem.

I wish this will be for the best, but this is no easy turn.

The IT Dept. has to deal with a number of large infrastructures & solutions providers but no longer to a myriad of small, medium & large services providers. Therefore they meet new challenges, such as: contracting policy, SLA, reversibility, portability, authentification systems & BYOD… The revolution is underway for all the IT players all the way from the user to the provider through the internal IT team.

Convinced yet?

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Newsletter Bittle January 2013

Featured in the newsletter this month : 

  • Bittle V3 available

Like every year since its creation, a new version of Bittle will be available during the Christmas break.

  • New certified partners

At the back end of 2012 the 6th Bittle certification session took place. Three new partners have joined our program gaining the much coveted: Bittle Certified Partner label.
  • Customer case : Accomplys, accounting firm, chooses Bittle

“We have gained a considerable amount of time on data processing and on reports editing / publishing towards our customers” Denis Barbarossa, specialist accountant, ACCOMPLYS.

  • Dashboard of the month : CSR

This month Bittle produced an example of a CSR dashboard, made by our partner Audiosoft Oxea.

CSR Dashboard

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4 Steps to Creating Effective BI Teams

Due to the accessibility of web software, business intelligence is no longer the sole responsibility of data scientists and IT staff members. BI applications make it available to everyone. However, this revelation presents new problems. BI teams often lack the important skill set needed to adequately dissect and make sense of data.

In this article, Michael Koploy of Software Advice outlines the four main steps that help create a more effective BI team. Through structure, organization, leadership and proper data management, teams can find the right solutions to drive more creative business.

Click here to read the full article on Software Advice Blog.

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Dashboard of the month: Financial

Tableau de bord Financier by BittleEach month, Bittle makes you discover a new dashboard sample, built from fictive or public data, on different themes.

This month Bittle offers you to discover an example of financial dashboard.

Financial dashboards enable you to obtain a global vision of the financial health of your firm. In this way, Bittle helps you to identify the financial metrics which allow you to decrease your expenses and find a balance. Easily access to information and simply drive the financial function without technical skills.

Access the dashboard

Discover a whole range of dashboard example on our website :

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