Metrics and dashboard for Sales

Having a global vision of the sales cycle is essential for a company. As a strategic issue, sales activities have a direct impact in the other departments of the company such as Marketing, Production or Human Resources departments. Cleary and precisely following your commercial activity by introducing dashboards and relevant Key Performance Indicators enables you to efficiently drive your sales team.

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Sales performance management

Sales performance management

As important component of a firm, Sales Department has to work with precision. Sales Manager needs forecasting tools and detailed reports of his team’s activity enabling him to choose the best way to realize the company’s strategy.
Today it’s necessary to have an over view of the sales cycle for being able to analyze data from the customer needs till the deal is done.

Sales Manager must be able to answer quickly and efficiently to all these questions and only a permanent monitoring of the sales cycle will enable him to do that. By setting up online dashboards dedicated to the sales department, Sales Director gets the possibility to easily draw the state of the sales activities.

If you want to develop and optimize your sales department, several questions must be raised, but above all, answered!

  • What is my turnover target?
  • What is my average conversion rate?
  • Are the visits of my salesmen effective?
  • What are the average amounts of my contracts/orders/projects?
  • What is my turnover by product? By reseller? By area? By client’s typology?
  • What are my benefits? Which category of product mostly influences my turnover?
  • What are the statuses of my orders?

Sales Department dashboard

Sales Department dashboard

Sales Metrics

Sales Metrics

Depending of your commercial strategy and fixed targets, you must define sales metrics. Here are a few examples of metrics you can find in our library.

With Bittle, run effectively your sales team and quickly improve its results by adopting an optimal strategy for your company. Build your sales metrics and your first online dashboard for your sales department within a few minutes and share them with all the others departments!

Know your customers

Knowledge of your customers is a key factor for the success of your company. Being able to analyze their satisfaction or their expenses will help you to adapt to each sale situation.

Example of metrics :

% of customers that are satisfied, % of new customers

Follow business activity

How is your appointment success rate? What can you tell about your conversation-to-appointment ratio or the costs of your telemarketing operations?

Examples of metrics :

Conversation-to-appointment ratio, Answering %, Telemarketing cost per sales lead, Appointment success rate, Average new-hire Ramp-to-Quota…

Follow your Products & Services

What are my cash cow products? How the sales of a new product influenced my benefits? Easily analyze your sideline and adjust your strategy with the help of our sales metrics.

Example of metrics:

Product visibility on shelf, Product share on shelf, Average Product Price (APP)…

Analyze your Sales

Always have a look on the state of your sales and your takeover. Analyze how your customers are buying your products thanks to your commercials metrics and the ones in our library.

Examples of metrics :

% of online sales revenue, % of repeat business turnover, % of automated sales orders that require no manual intervention, Average number of items per purchase, Sales order by FTE, Total transport cost as a % of delivered sales, Average order size, Sales productivity ratio…

Anticipate the commissions of your sales forces

Easily calculate all the bonus payout of your sales force with Bittle.

Examples of metrics :

% of sales reps at above sales quota, Bonus payout as a % of the total possible…